References from recent Sales
Mike already enjoying his new toy!

Let me start by saying, that like most folks... I have become somewhat gun shy of car dealers. From the game playing to the numbers games. What a refreshing welcome it is to find Brett and Argon are in a totally different league to the run of the mill. From the first contact with Brett, it was clear that his folks on service, and his candid honesty, and genuine concern for the customer should not only be acknowledged..... but (if possible) CLONED! This is a dealership that everyone will find absolutely top notch. The vehicle I purchased is totally awesome, and I can state that Argon now have a customer for life. And isn't that what it should be like? The long term relationship vs. a quick buck. Many thanks Brett.


David, Helen, Zoey, and Mattie take delivery of their 2004 Z4 3.0.
Pete taking delivery of his new 400hp family sedan.
Barrett taking delivery of his new TT Roadster.
Ann leaving for North Carolina, with her new 325Cic, after a trip to Disney.

Very courteous and professional. Plan to be a repeat buyer from this seller.


Brett watching as Alex's M5 is loaded onto an enclosed transport headed to San Francisco.

Dear Car Enthusiast

Just recently bought an M5 from Brett and Lee, at Argon Auto Forensics. I have been looking for the car for a while and talked with many people from many places. Some of whom were dishonest and one who even sold a car to someone else after receiving a deposit. Dealing with Argon has been the most pleasant, secure, reliable and rewarding experience. Both Brett and Lee were easy to get a hold of, very informative and accommodating. This is the first time I bought a car on E-Bay and out of state. I was nervous but they made this purchase easy and enjoyable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ARGON FOR YOUR NEXT CAR PURCHASE.