ARGON has a white glove test that has been developed by a degreed engineer and a few car enthuiast. The inspectoin is not just an integral part of our buying process; it is our buying process.

If you were to go out and buy a used exotic car for a weekend toy that had a 235k sticker price, you would put a little science into the buying process. You would demand to know what shape the engine is in and word of mouth just isn't good enough. Most people depend on their primary cars on a daily basis at all times of the day and night. Yet most people put very little science into buying their used car. We treat buying an everyday driver like shopping for an exotic. This extreme focus saves you time and money not to mention headache.

We buy at auto auctions so we have hundreds of BMW's a week to inspect from in order to find those that are in the best condition both mechanically and aesthetically.

Our white glove test includes a frame check, flood check, a 300 point paint thickness check, a mechanical inspection of the engine, drivetrain, and transmission, and a few other test that we like to keep secret. Print outs of the data we find come with every car so you know the current condition of the BMW that you are interested in.

Though each vehicle we purchase goes through the extensive ARGON white glove test, we not only understand if you would like a third party inspection, we also encourage you to do so.

We want you to be satisified with your new to you BMW and we will assist you with a pre-buy inspection from any inspection service you desire.

If you do not know of any we can refer you to several and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

We are high end car buyers. We inspect, weed out the damaged goods and buy what is left standing at the end of the day. Inspect and buy.... inspect and buy... Our role is to add some science to the used car buying process... or to remove the mystery from buying used cars. You could phrase it either way really.

You can expect honest car enthuiast and engineers, not pushy used car salesmen.

Friendly and prompt service. We work 24/7 in efforts to suit your schedule needs. Call us at 3 am, when you are surfing ebay for cars and have a question. We will answer.

Wholesale Prices. We like to sell more for less. Sure it means more work for us but it really means better prices for you. We figure if you win... we win. Our expected margin is less than half of what most dealers try to squeeze out of a car.

An engineer selected ride. How many of your friends had exotic car collectors/enthuiast and a degreed engineer pick their current used car?

A nice vacation? We are conveniently located in Orlando, FL. Bring the family for a trip to Disney World and then have a fun drive home in your new ride!


Though we suggest that you come inspect your vehicle in person, we will gladly ship your car to your driveway sight unseen.

ARGON only uses fully bonded and insured transportation services.

Transport usually takes about a week and costs around $500 to $1400 depending on your location and the selected carrier method.