Place 1 full serving of a neurotic, degreed engineer, (who has worked for a certain German automotive engineering company with a base in South Carolina), in a bowl for a flair of reliability, bargains and tons of technical auto know-how.

Pour in one full serving of a CFO with 30 years of experience building businesses for a pinch of practicality and a chug of leadership.

Add 1 full serving of a double degreed graphic designer, who use to work in Hollywood, for a taste of sculpture, creativity, and craftsmanship to sweeten the mix.

Still sifting through the ashes?

WE ARE NOT USED CAR SALESMEN. We are a licensed Florida Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer.


Do you tuck your car in at night? We do. Do you spend 12 hours washing, polishing, waxing and drying your car? We do. Do you vacuum your air conditioning vents out? Do you change your own oil and spark plugs for kicks? Are you busy choosing which walls to tear out of your house so that you can drive your car into your house and display it behind your couch as art when it is not in use? We are. Do you find yourself wearing Sparco speed cat driving shoes on a daily basis as tennis shoes? Do you name your cars? Would you sleep on the floor and eat one meal a day to own your dream car? We have.

Ah... Insanity at its finest. Welcome to the warped world of ARGON. Crazy? Yeah. We prefer the term "autophiles" though.


ARGON does not buy anything they would not use themselves. Perfection, for us, is really an understatement.

We are car nuts though and we use our car enthusiasm and knowledge to find only the finest rides for you. Each car must pass our inspection process for previous paint work, frame damage, and flood damage. If the car passes those tests, we will inspect the interior. After our powertrain inspection, we pass the car on to a third party inspection service.


Insert the first buyer you see into anything they are remotely interested in. Forget proper fitment.

Does your dealer even take a personal interest inventory? Does your dealer use a white rag to check for burning oil as evidence of improper engine break in? Does your dealer even crank a car before he buys it? Does he open the trunk and hood to inspect each nut and bolt in order to find any evidence of previous bodywork? Nope. They wave a little paddle at an auction if they like the price of the "unit" that is on the auction block.


Insert the right buyer into the right ride!

See the infinity sign in our logo? Yeah. We want to turn the car buying process into a fresh experience. We want you so happy that you are sending your friends to us. We want you back too when its time for your new ride. We would like to find you the right car for the rest of your life. Put our passion to work and test our old world southern charm.